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Thanks for our expertise and strong experience, we provide products that integrate perfectly into your IT environment increasing efficiency of systems and reducing maintenance and costs.

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Using agile approach, we help you to drive your projects, focused on your use cases. We provide support for your applications and services, helping you before and after the go-live, from audit, maintenance, up to performance benchmarking. We can help you to architect, design and implement solutions powered by Apache Software Foundation™ projects.

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Our team is expert in several technologies and heavily involved in the Apache Software Foundation™ projects and community. Thanks to that, we provide high value training and we help you to define the perfect design and architecture of your solution.

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We can help you learn several technologies and set up development methodology for your teams. >>


Participating actively in the Apache Software Foundation™ community and the Apache way (meritocracry, community over code) is in our heart. >>

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Apache ActiveMQ™ 5.15.6 Sep 10, 2018
The ActiveMQ team is pleased to announce the release of ActiveMQ 5.15.6. A big thanks to everyone who contributed to this release. They look forward to your feedback. >>
Apache Karaf™ Cave 4.1.1 Sep 9, 2018
The Apache Karaf team is pleased to announce Apache Karaf 4.2.1 release! This is a maintenance release on Cave 4.1.x series (working on Karaf 4.0.x, 4.1.x and 4.2.x), before starting the upgrade to the next 4.2.x series. This release contains fixes on the Maven repository management, the Feature gateway, the REST services (for both repository and deployer). Downloads are available>>
Apache Camel™ 2.22.1 Sep 7, 2018
The Camel community announces the immediate availability of the new patch release Camel 2.22.1. This release contains 47 fixes applied in the past few weeks by the community on the Camel 2.22.x maintenance branch. >>
Apache Karaf™ 4.2.1 Aug 21, 2018
The Apache Karaf team is pleased to announce Apache Karaf 4.2.1 release! It's a major update on the 4.2.x series and brings bunch of fixes, dependencies updates and new features, especially:
  • new assembly tooling to create Karaf Docker images
  • new Docker feature allowing you to manipulate Docker directly from a Karaf instance
  • Better Java 9/10/11 support
  • new examples directly as part of the Karaf distribution
  • improved KarafTestSupport allowing you to easily implement your itests
Downloads are available>>
Apache CXF™ 3.2.6 Aug 13, 2018
The Apache CXF team is proud to announce the availability of the latest patch release. Over 25 JIRA issues were fixed for 3.2.6. This is mostly a patch release to fix problems and issues that users have encountered. Downloads are available>>