As Apache committed contributor, we bring you our expertise and involvement.

Part of our team are the developers and contributors of many well known Apache projects, such as Apache Karaf, Apache ActiveMQ, Apache Camel, Apache Tomcat, and many more. We have the expertise of the people who actually do the open source products that you trust.

Created in 2009, Yupiik totals more than 9500 man-days of work on the different services and solutions we offer, and currently has 12 employees.

Meet our Apache committers

François Papon

CTO at Yupiik

Apache Member and PMC (Karaf, Shiro, Unomi)

"Open source contributor and OSGi advocate with a solid enterprise software and telecommunication industry experience."

Jean-Baptiste Onofré

Technical Advisor at Yupiik

Apache Member and PMC (Karaf Chair, Camel, ActiveMQ, Felix, Aries, Beam, Unomi, Archiva...)

"My role is to answer questions about OpenSource and especially Apache, helping people in their roadmap definition."

Romain Manni-Bucau

Sotfware Architect at Yupiik

Apache Member and PMC (Geronimo Chair, Johnzon Chair, OpenWebBeans, Maven, TomEE, Meecrowave...)

"Convinced by Open Source, I'm highly active on Apache projects like Geronimo for Microprofile implementations and java/javaee/jakartaee low level tools."



Mastering Apache Camel

Jean-Baptiste Onofré

"An advanced guide to Enterprise Integration using Apache Camel."


Java EE 8 High Performance

Romain Manni-Bucau

"Get more control of your applications performances in development and production and know how to meet your Service Level Agreement on critical microservices."


Learning Karaf Cellar

Jean-Baptiste Onofré

"Build and implement a complete clustering solution for the Apache Karaf OSGi container."