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Implementation, integration and support

We have strong skill in projects like Apache Karaf™, Apache Camel™, Apache ActiveMQ™, Apache CXF™, Apache Cassandra™, Apache Beam™ and much more. We propose you to integrate them in your ecosystem, tuning an existing production instance, implement custom developement.

Service/MicroService Platform

Apache Karaf™

Polymorphic container for enterprise applications.

Apache Camel™

EIP integration framework.

Apache ActiveMQ™

High availability message broker.


Apache CXF™

Robust and secure webservices.


Tools for design, build, document APIs.

Big Data

Apache Beam™

Define highly distributed data processing pipelines.

Apache Cassandra™

Scalability and high availability for manage massive amounts of data.


Elastic suite with Elasticsearch, Kibana and Logstash.

Agility and methodology

Our experience for many years in software development is a warranty of doing the best choice in methodology for your project. We can help you to manage your dev team and leading your project roadmap in order to transform your system.


Dev team work

Methodology around code sourcing management, review and releasing software.


Continuous integration with testing, continuous deployment with tools integration.

Project management

Agility approach with experience.

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