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SoYard - API Management

All for your microservices

Create, manage and deploy your APIs in a minute with SoYard API Management platform. We provide registry, gateway, secure and high availability container. SoYard is pluggable with our monitoring platform to have all the collected data in order to analyse performance and consumption of your APIs.


Manage your APIs in the registry, per environment, writing documentation and extra metadata.


Routing your legacy APIs over several providers.


Control authentication access and throttling usage of your APIs with policies.


Run your APIs in a full ready container with high availability and hot deployment.

SoyMon - Monitoring

Oversight and alerting

All component or application have to be watch in order to delivering the best QoS for your end-users. We provide a fully customize platform to monitor your system and to analyse in realtime or report all the collected data.

Analyse and report

Oversight realtime status and reports of data collected with custom dashboard.


Collect your data with a lot of connectors available or made your own.


Persist your collected data into databases, files, calling services...


Manage your alerting policy and sending mail, log in file or calling external services.

SoyBill - Billing Control

Analyse your billing in realtime

The satifaction of your customers is a must have and it's start by delivering correct bill. We provide a platform with capabilities of control and analyse the rightest of your billing data for your customers.


Enable validation of your business catalog into the business rules.

Business rules

Manage custom business rules in our business routing rules engine.


Validate all your bill or data used for your billing process.


Analyse history of your business and prepare the future.

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