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Innovative technologies and ASF™ projects

ASF™ Projects

By people who do

We have strong skill in ASF™ projects like Apache Karaf™, Apache Camel™, Apache ActiveMQ™, Apache CXF™. We help you to learn how to be efficient and cleanly use those projects.

Apache Karaf™

Polymorphic container for enterprise applications.

Apache Camel™

EIP integration framework.

Apache ActiveMQ™

High availability message broker.

Apache CXF™

Robust and secure webservices.

Quality of software

Team work and DevOps

We follow the Apache way in our development, we can help you to learn about how take the best of it and how to implement in your devops organization.

Apache Maven™

Improve your development livecycle.


Review and team work.

Continuous integration

Checking code, testing, integration.

Continuous deployment

Deployment automation.

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