Unomi: Apache Software Foundation Top-Level Project

Unomi: Apache Software Foundation Top-Level Project

Since March 21, 2019, Apache Unomi has been considered as a Top-Level Project by the Apache Software Foundation.

This new CDP (Customer Data Platform) is a concrete example of the stability of the OASICS CDP standard. It has quickly gained popularity with those interested in the confidentiality of customer data thanks to its transparency. Apache Unomi is used in organizations such as Al-Monitor, Altola, Jahia, Yupiik, and many others to create and deliver consistent personalized experiences across channels, markets and systems.

Initial article". The Apache Software Foundation Announces Apache® Unomi™ as a Top-Level Project "of the site  Globnewswire.

What is Apache® Unomi™?

The project was originally developed at Jahiaand was submitted to the Apache Incubator in October 2015.

Apache Unomi is a standards-based customer data platform. It manages online information for customers, prospects and visitors to provide personalized experiences. Unomi respects visitors' privacy rules such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the "Do Not Track" preferences.

Versatile, it includes privacy management, user/event/goal tracking, reporting, visitor profile management, segmentation, personalities, A/B tests... It can be used as..:

  • a customization service for a Web CMS;
  • an analysis service for native mobile applications;
  • a centralized profile management system with segmentation capabilities;a centralized profile management system with segmentation capabilities;
  • a consent management centre
François Papon, CTO Yupiik

A word from François Papon

"In a digital world, customer data is very important to provide a better user experience. However, confidentiality and data trust are not an option for users... Apache Unomi is the best solution for our customers because it is a project Open Source managed by an independent foundation, there is no supplier link. It is also based on other solutions such as Apache Karaf that made it ready for modularity, scalability, cloud, devops, and more. »

A word from Serge Huber, Vice President of Apache Unomi

"I am truly grateful to our community, especially our mentors, who have helped us take this important step forward. Unomi's original vision was to ensure true confidentiality by ofthe Apache Way will allow the project to increase the diversity of its community and welcome new users and developers.»

Serge Huber, Vice President of Apache Unomi & CTO Jahia
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