Digital transformation: the role of the ISD

Digital transformation: the role of the ISD

A recurring theme on boards of directors and management committees, digital transformation concerns all companies. Considered as a real upheaval, it has an impact on societies, whether small or large, on several scales. But it is not new and has existed since the rise of the Internet. This change management evolves as discoveries are made. What is the role of ISDs in this process?

Digital transformation requires a new posture from the company

The need for innovation grows with each new discovery. This is why companies must follow the movements. From customer experience to tool efficiency, many companies integrate, in their strategy, the use of a uniform platform for each entity (marketing, sales, communication, accounting, logistics, etc.).

Internalized or outsourced, its modifications have a cost. It is essential to take into consideration the return on investment: saving time, harmonizing tools, know-how and skills.... This allows teams to communicate data to each other. The energy used in the creation of databases or overly complex manipulations is thus simplified and in compliance with constantly changing legal constraints (DGPS, national and international trade laws, etc.).

5 essential steps in driving digital change in companies
The imperatives of an IT department at the heart of its ecosystem

The IT department, at the heart of the company's information system

In charge of developing the company's main IT orientations, the IT department acts at different levels:

  • Define the orientations organizational and strategic aspects of information systems.
  • Oversee the implementation of projects of the company by measuring financial, administrative and technical risks (internalization or outsourcing of activities)
  • Manage resources human, both with internal and external teams
  • Design a service offer consistent with Corporate Social Responsibility.

The IT department thus becomes an operator of excellence, an agent of change, a co-leader of innovation and above all a strategic partner within the company.

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