Open Source: When MOOC explains everything

Open Source: When MOOC explains everything

Ubiquitous,Open Source is a daily feature in companies but also in private individuals. From software to intellectual works, interest is growing for the general public promoting creation and innovation.

How to understand open source?

Since 5 December 2018 and through MOOC, theOpen Source School in partnership with Société Générale will introduce you to this vast subject. Historical context, legal and economic framework, good practices and major transformations, Benjamin Jean deciphers the subject in 5 videos, 28 complete chapters.


Who is Benjamin Jean?

Benjamin Jean, an intellectual property lawyer, is the founder of the independent firm. Inno³ focused on open models: Open Data, Open Source, Open Hardware, Open Innovation and Open Access. He is the co-founder of theEuropean Open Source & Free Software Law Event since 2008 and co-chairs theOpen Source Summit in 2016. Author of "Option Libre", he popularizes the world of free licenses through numerous articles and guides.

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