The latest contributions to Apache Software Foundation projects

The latest contributions to Apache Software Foundation projects

Yupiik is committed to investing in Open Source projects and in particular those of theApache Software Foundation. François Papon, CTO of Yupiik, sets an example by getting involved in several programs. Appointed respectively:

  • PMC member of Karaf,
  • PPMC member of Unomi,
  • and recently PMC member on Shiro.

Discover each of them in a few lines.

Apache Karaf ™

Apache Karaf™ provides paradigms for running and booting dual-polymorphic applications.

  • Modern runtime It can function as an autonomous runtime and integrates several applications and technologies.
  • Ready to use It offers ready-to-use functionalities (shell console, remote access, hot deployment, dynamic configuration,...). But also clustering, complete monitoring and alerting, an application repository.
  • Turnkey solutions : It runs anywhere and on any machine including Java, cloud, docker images using karaf-boot and embedded mode

Apache Unomi ™

Apache Unomi™ is a customer data platform designed to manage customers, and data. It allows you to personalize the customer experience while respecting visitors' privacy rules (such as GDPR).

  • Multi-channel harvesting Sales, web, emails, mobile, brick and mortar.
  • Data distribution In the different departments and technologies, everyone has what they need in terms of data based on the access assigned.
  • Integration of external data for segmentation, scoring and integrated confidentiality for both marketing and development services

Apache Shiro ™

Easy to use, flexible and accessible from the web, Apache Shiro™ is a security framework that allows:

  • authentication: proof of user identity and login.
  • authorization: access rights control
  • cryptography: data protection and encryption
  • session management: Personalization of access per user while taking into account time constraints.

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