Apache Software Foundation migrate to GitHub

Apache Software Foundation migrate to GitHub

The last 29th April, TheApache Software Foundation migrate to GitHub. It's an big organisation about Open Source, she generate nearly 200 million lines of code with a community of 730 members and 7,000 commiters. 

In this blog, l’Apache Software Foundation explique que les projets avaient 2 services de contrôle de version disponibles via ASF Infrastructure : Apache Subversion et un Git interne.

Why this decision? Over the years, a growing number of projects and their communities have wanted to see their source code available on GitHub. As these were read-only mirrors, the ability to use GitHub tools around these repositories was limited.


The benefits of this migration

  • GitHub makes it easier for developers to work together, solve complex problems and create the world's most important technologies.
  • The platform allows teams to host and review code, manage projects and create software with more than 31 million developers, 2 million companies and organizations, and in more than 100 million repositories.

Greg Stein, infrastructure administrator at the Apache Software Foundation, adds

" Over time, we improved, debugged, and solidified this integration. In late 2018, we asked all projects to move away from our internal git service, to that provided by GitHub. This shift brought all of their tooling to our projects, while we maintain a backup mirror on our infrastructure. "

ASF's Numbers

  • Founded in 1999, the ASF is 20 years old this year
  • More than 200 million lines of code in stewardship
  • 1,058,321,099 lines of code committed
  • 3,022,836 code commits
  • 730 individual ASF Members
  • 7,000 Apache code committers
  • 350+ Projects and Initiatives
  • 300+ Top-Level Projects
  • 52 podlings in the Apache Incubator
  • $20B+ worth of Apache Open Source software products are made available to the public-at-large at 100% NO COST available to the general public
  • Billions of users worldwide benefit from Apache solutions
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